8 Health Benefits of Fasting


If you think that fasting is hard, tiring, and unnecessary, then maybe you should start thinking differently because you will be the biggest beneficiary of this, fasting has great positive and health effects, as abstaining from eating and drinking increases the strength of cells in endurance and resistance. The feeling of hunger also prevents the occurrence of infections.

8 Health Benefits of Fasting

To find out the most important benefits of fasting on your health, you can follow the following article:

1.  Cholesterol and blood pressure

undoubtedly, abstaining from food also works to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. And after the completion of the fasting period, there is usually a slight increase in its level, but it does not reach the initial values.

2.  Chronic pain

fasting relieves many chronic pain disorders, for example, rheumatism (chronic arthritis).

3.  Detoxification of the body

when fasting, the liver's processing of many nutrients in food decreases, which allows the possibility of restoring the liver, especially the fatty liver, the largest organ in the body responsible for eliminating toxins.

4.  The size of the stomach

during fasting, the enlarged stomach shrinks anew, and the mucous membrane also recovers, just as in the intestine the largest organ of the immune system. Fasting also changes the prevalence of intestinal flora or the so-called "intestinal bacterial flora" positively.

5.  Rest for the pancreas

fasting relaxes the pancreas, as the rate of insulin production decreases. The cells of the body also become more sensitive to insulin, which positively affects the health of patients with Type II diabetes.

6.  Fasting protects against dementia

Fasting protects against dementia because it promotes the regeneration of nerve cells, in addition, abstaining from eating for certain times can improve mood, as some scientific studies have shown.

7.  Muscles

some people may have concerns that fasting reduces the size of the body's muscles. But don't worry, this decrease in volume is less than expected. Moderate abstinence from food and simple exercises can also increase the functioning of the heart muscle, for example.

8. Blood circulation

promotes blood circulation and adipose tissue metabolism, as fat cells, especially those under the skin and stomach, open their locks and begin to Melt. Fat molecules are converted into high-energy ketones during fasting.

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