Effects of divorce on parents


No doubt separating life partners from each other usually leads to pain for both parties, especially if they are celebrities, such as what happened with the international actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard, whose divorce story was known as a major event circulated by the world media, and recently the wife of the Moroccan player Ashraf Hakimi, who plays for the PSG in France, came out to confirm via her Instagram account that she and her husband are officially divorced.

Achraf hakimi and hiba abouk are divorced
But the question that arises from a scientific rather than a News medical point of view is how both men and women cope with the "pain of separation"?

Gender Differences in the Consequences of Divorce

A study has found that women and men behave differently after their separation, as the woman suffers acutely on a psychological and physical level, while the man finds it difficult to digest the end of the relationship but he suppresses it in himself, according to theGerman website Freundin, citing a study issued in cooperation between the Universities of Binghamton American and London British.

The study showed that even though women suffer severely psychologically and physically and are more inclined to negativity, they absorb separation better than men, who suffer from the consequences of separation for a longer period and may not be able to recover from its effects at all fully.

The results were based on a study involving more than 5,705 people from 96 countries, where the researchers asked participants to rate their pain sensation after separation on a scale of one to ten.

The study pointed out that the difference in reactions between men and women after separation is a prominent issue, as women lose more when dating the wrong person, adding that the latter invests more than men for the success of the relationship, which harms her in the event of separation.

Greg Morris, the lead author of the study, said: "a man is likely to feel the loss deeply and for a long time, as he has to start all over again to count what he has lost. "Or he realizes what's worse, that is, the (partner's) loss is irreparable," he added, as quoted by the Binghamton University website.
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