What is Mesotherapy for Hair - MesoHair?


Many doctors and specialists have come to resort to mesotherapy technology in many cosmetic treatments, but what about mesotherapy for hair? Is it effective and useful? Learn about the most important information about mesotherapy for poetry in the following article:

benefits of mesotherapy treatment for hair

Many men and women, in particular, have various hair-related problems, and may be asked by the hair mesotherapy care specialist, so what is it? And how is it done?

Mesotherapy for Hair: Why is it used?

Mesotherapy for hair is defined as a therapeutic technique for hair-related problems, where vitamins, minerals, a combination of amino acids needed for hair, and some keratin-related substances are injected directly into the scalp, so hair follicles are well fed and various hair problems resolved.

Mesotherapy is an effective treatment for healthy hair growth and combating related problems, including:

  • Heavy hair loss.
  • Scalp cortex.
  • Alopecia.
  • Dry scalp.
  • Bombarding the hair and its fragility.

Types of Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy for hair is performed in two ways:

1. Chemical Mesotherapy

Many substances such as vitamins, biotin, organic silicium, finasteride, and other substances are injected into the middle skin layer of the scalp so that normal hair growth is stimulated by improving circulation and stimulating collagen production to prevent hair loss.

2. Mechanical Mesotherapy

Your doctor or specialist makes holes in the affected head area, producing collagen and elastin and also helping to form new tissues in the hair, thus growing normal hair.

Features of Hair Mesotherapy

Myotherapy for hair is a commonly used technique, as a result of the following features:

  1. Safe technology.
  2. You don't need to use anesthesia when you do it.
  3. Note the results and heal quickly.
  4. The pain is very mild.

Hair Mesotherapy Results

Mesotherapy nourishes and activates hair follicles, leading to the following results:

  • Hair loss begins to stop gradually.
  • Healthy hair growth is activated.
  • The activity of the sebaceous glands in the scalp is reduced.
  • Blood and oxygen flow to follicles increases.
  • Lower dandruff.
  • Hair density and softness improve and look shinier.

How long does mesotherapy treatment take?

Myotherapy usually lasts 8 sessions, with one session given each week and a duration of approximately half an hour, and results are actually observed from the fifth session. If the body responds to treatment, the specialist begins to reduce the duration and number of treatment sessions.

Contraindications to mesotherapy for hair

Due to certain health conditions, you should avoid treating mesotherapy for hair, including:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Lactation.
  • Menstrual period.
  • Endocrine system disorders.
  • Benign and malignant tumors.
  • Infections.
  • Allergies to a substance used in mesotherapy.
  • Diabetics, kidneys, and liver.

What did the studies say about the side effects of Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy for hair is commonly used, but like any medical procedure it may have some damage and side effects shown in the studies as follows:

  • One of the studies showed that mesotherapy is not suitable in the case of male alopecia, and treatment may cause hair loss and scarring.
  • A study on Mesotherapy for the treatment of hereditary baldness showed that the treatment led to the emergence of alopecia.
  • Some side effects were observed by a study conducted on the treatment of mesotherapy for hair, which includes scalp abscesses, and another study observed the appearance of bruises, edema, headaches, pain, and itching due to mesotherapy hair.

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