7 mistakes that lead to hair loss after washing


The problem of hair loss after washing is the most annoying for those who care about the beauty and health of their hair, but there are a series of mistakes that most of us make unknowingly and can lead to hair loss and possibly cause baldness in the long run, get to know them.

hair washing mistakes
It seems to many that washing hair is one of the simplest things, but there are many mistakes that we make unconsciously that lead to hair loss and possibly baldness over time. And the German site "Frauen" watched a bunch of such destructive mistakes for hair:

1-Ignoring Combing before washing

detangling the hair and then entering the bathroom directly is one of the most famous of these mistakes, as this increases the tangle of hair and thus its loss, so experts advise combing the hair well before washing it.

2-Excessive use of Shampoo

washing hair means putting a copious amount of shampoo on the head and leaving it for several minutes, here experts advise using a small amount of shampoo and then massaging the scalp before shampooing.

3-Effects of Shampoo

the presence of shampoo residues on the scalp causes serious damage to it, so a good rinse is one of the very important stages in washing hair.

4-leaving Care Products at night

many women think that leaving skin care products overnight makes them more useful, which is a big mistake, especially if these products are not intended for Night care, as this often leads to dry hair.

5-Neglect of the scalp

attention is often focused on the hair with neglect of the scalp, although it plays an important role in hair growth, so experts advise paying attention to doing scalp massage with circular movements.

6-Neglect of Hair washing tools

taking care of washing the comb and hairbrush is just as important as taking care of washing the hair itself. It is preferable to wash hair tools every two weeks, because ignoring this, in turn, affects the hair and the spread of fat in it.

7-Wet Hair

the hair is at its weakest stage immediately after washing, so severe drying may lead to hair loss. It is advisable to apply a cotton Bashkir to the hair after washing and leave it to dry without violent movements.

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