Can Humans Sense Earthquakes?

Earthquakes Sensing

While researchers emphasize the difficulty of predicting earthquakes long before they occur, physical symptoms that we may feel portend the proximity of an earthquake, according to what was published by the journal "Nature health".

humans feel earthquakes before they happen

Physical symptoms

 What we may feel before an earthquake includes:

  • Headache, nausea, or dizziness.
  • A feeling of malaise, anxiety, and inability to self-control.
  • Temporary changes in vision.
  • Short-term muscle tremors of the hand or foot.
  • Tinnitus.

Strange symptoms

Following the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on Monday, people commented on social networking sites about strange symptoms they felt before the disaster.

Some also spoke about the feeling of headache, dizziness, and shortness of breath, while others described what happened to them with symptoms similar to those with vestibular vertigo.

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