Cold Sore: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment


A cold sore is one of the unpleasant problems that appear on the skin as a result of infections and viruses, but how is it possible to help treat this cold sore.

What causes cold sores and how do you treat them?

Mouth ulcers cause an unpleasant appearance and difficulty in eating and naturally opening the mouth, as they form in the vicinity of the mouth, and these ulcers can be left to disappear without therapeutic intervention, but they will last a long time, so the use of natural remedies will contribute to the treatment of cold ulcers quickly.

Now let's get to know the most important ways to treat a cold sore quickly:

Causes of Cold Sore

After we got acquainted with the most important methods of treating a cold sore, now here are the main reasons that lead to the occurrence of this cold sore:

Colds and fever: cold sores are an accompanying symptom, and they can be on the lips, next to them, or below them.

Herpes simplex infection: it is a virus that causes the presence of sores around the mouth, an infectious disease that is transmitted by approaching an infected person or using his tools.

Changes in hormones: hormonal changes can trigger the appearance of cold sores, such as menopause and menopause in women.

The feeling of stress and psychological pressure: one of the reasons that may lead to the appearance of these ulcers is the frequent psychological pressure and anxiety. 

Symptoms of Cold Sores

Cold sores around the mouth appear in several stages, namely:

Tingling and itching around the mouth: this feeling can last for a day before the blisters begin to appear and spread around the mouth.

Blisters in the area of injury: they are of small size and contain fluid, and the blisters persist in this position for more than a day.

Bursting pimples: the liquid inside can be noticed, and their size becomes large and annoying in the face and may lead to some pain.

Crusting: it is the last stage before these ulcers disappear, and there may be itching during this stage.

Quick Cold Sore Treatment

To speed up the treatment of a cold sore, some home procedures can be done, and the methods of treating a cold sore at home usually include the following:

1. Start her treatment early

It is not recommended to wait until it is completed, as treatments should be applied immediately after feeling tingling in the area around the mouth or in case of minor signs of ulcers.

2. Lack of hand contact

Because this virus spreads from one place to another just by touching, and itching will increase its irritation, so be careful not to touch the ulcers, and you should always make sure that your hands are clean because you may inadvertently touch the sore area and when touching another place, the infection will move to it.

3. Application of cold sore ointment

Some ointments for the treatment of these ulcers do not require a prescription, they can be purchased at the pharmacy and applied to ulcers, and the use of these ointments should be repeated up to 4 or 5 times a day to get a result.

4. Make cold and warm compresses

Cold and warm compresses help to dry the ulcers, remove the crusts, and thus get rid of them, and compresses are by applying cold or warm towels to the sores for a few minutes, repeating the command several times a day.

5. Application of aloe

It is an aloe vera gel that helps to cure a cold sore quickly, and it is recommended to apply it three times a day.

6. Vaseline

Vaseline will not lead to a complete cure for these ulcers, but it reduces the feeling of discomfort from them and prevents their spread, and a medical topical preparation can also be used to quickly dry these ulcers and when applying any preparations to ulcers, it is recommended to use cotton.

When should I see a doctor? 

Through the previous procedures, you will help get rid of and cure a cold sore quickly, but there are some cases when you should turn to a doctor, they are as follows:

The appearance of eye irritation: the cold sore virus may cause eye infections, and then you should go to the doctor immediately.

The spread of cold sores in several areas: not limited to the area of the mouth and around it, means there is a health problem that requires treatment.

Ulcers persist for a long time: they exceed two weeks without disappearing even with the use of various therapeutic means.

High temperature: this is a symptom of a cold that can come for a short time, but with its persistence and a very high temperature then it is necessary to visit a doctor.

Pregnancy period: if ulcers occur in a pregnant woman, she should not take any steps until after consulting her doctor so that it does not pose a danger to her health and the health of the fetus.

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