10 Ways to Increase Your Happiness


Every year, March 20 falls on the International Day of Happiness, so first of all, we wish you a happy life, and by this day every year, the most important question arises how to be happy in simple and scientifically proven ways?

the first thing that comes to mind is whether they can maintain this happiness and whether there are effective ways to enable them to do this. It's good that there are scientifically proven and proven ways to keep you happy by applying them.

10 Ways to Increase Your Happiness
Among the most important of these methods, we offer you 10 scientifically proven ways that will make you keep your happiness:

1. Do more Sports

A lot of scientific studies have confirmed this activity, as each person alternates physical exertion, and his body secretes endorphin hormones responsible for a good mood. This is confirmed by the University of Toronto, which has done a great job on this topic and analyzed at least 25 research studies. The result was that physical activity helps to keep depression out.

2. Positive thinking affects your performance

positive thinking raises energy levels, creativity, and productivity by a very high percentage, and improves your mood. Which makes you closer to success and maintains your sense of happiness.

3. Throw your negative thoughts in the trash

many people suffer from negative thoughts dominating their thinking, which makes them feel depressed and in a bad mood. A study by the University of Madrid confirms that writing these negative thoughts on a piece of paper, cutting them into small pieces, and then throwing them away helps in freeing a person from his negative thoughts.

4. Doing new experiences instead of focusing on material things

Thomas Gilovich, a psychologist at Cornell University, emphasizes the importance of pushing oneself to do more new and memorable experiences and diversify them instead of focusing on buying material things.

5. Train Your Mind

by training your mind, I mean, to make you focus only on the things that interest you and find pleasure in them. Not only that but also trains the mind to focus on the moment in which a person lives and reduce thinking about the past and the future.

6. Do not forget to have a good and adequate sleep

many studies have confirmed the need to take enough rest, and have shown the effect that results from insufficient sleep, which leads to the unleashing of negative and polluting thoughts of depression, stress, loss of hope, and a feeling of sadness.

7. Devote part of the time to helping others

people offer to buy big houses, luxury cars, and expensive phones, but they don't seem to live as happily as they wish, although this may make them feel a kind of brief happiness that ends with a person feeling bored with it. Similarly, the only thing that a person does not get bored with is assisting those in need, and this has a not insignificant effect on our happiness.

8. Focus on the life you want to live

we often devote our lives to making money and fulfilling some material dreams, so it takes all our busyness and we forget that this life is not the one we dreamed of. It is very important to identify the things that you like in life, dream of piety, and live them as you wish.

9. Focus on your strengths

everyone has unique abilities and you certainly have some of them, so why focus so much on your weaknesses instead of focusing on your strengths and how to use them to improve your life and to live the way you want.

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